About Us

Our History

Laser Bros was established in 2022 as a DBA of Van Welder LLC which was established in 2017 by Cort Van Wingerden. Metalworking has always been our background; Van Welder started as a welding and fabrication company- mostly dealing with stainless and aluminum welding. When dealing with aluminum and stainless fabrication we quickly realized how difficult it was to find a good local shop to do our laser cutting; often dealing with long lead times, issues with the cut quality, or poor handling (i.e., scratched sheets). So, when the opportunity arose we took the dive into laser ownership; a 3kw fiber laser which we purchased in the summer of 2021.

Soon after that we realized that we weren’t alone in the quest for quality laser cutting, and we started offering our cutting services to other shops, makers, and DIY’ers.

We continue to grow and expand- excited for the future, but still holding on to our roots of being a “small” shop that cares. Our mission is and will always be “To Support the American Innovator”.

Our Mission

“To Support the American Innovator”

We recognize that it is often the small, independent bootstrapping, creators who bring about the most impactful and revolutionary ideas. At Laser Bros, we are dedicated to providing support for these individuals in their efforts to develop new products and concepts.

Our mission is simple. We’re here to support you! From concept to commercialization, we are committed to being a resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs as they drive progress and growth.

Our Core Values

Continuous Improvement

This is a mindset, and it applies to many areas not just work and workflow. Ask yourself, “what bugs me?”, this is usually the best places to start. Small Improvements over a long period of time add up!

The Golden Rule

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Put yourself in the other persons shoes. Ask yourself, “how does this make them feel?”

Lead by Example

Your energy and attitude are contagious. How we lead impacts the people all around us; whether you’re a shop assistant or the CEO you’re leading. What you do and how you do it is impacting the people around you. Don’t just talk about it, be about it!

Hold High Standards

Nobody is going to hold you to a higher standard than yourself. In business this means high quality standards, NOT being wasteful with your time, always putting the customer and other people first.