Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you cut?

We can laser cut almost any “metallic” material (no plastics or composites).
The best way to see what materials we stock is to upload a file to the quoting app. We’re always looking to expand our material offerings and are willing to investigate other materials for you. Just shoot us an email!

What is your lead time?
Most laser cut orders take 2-5 days to process. Add 1-3 days for additional services like bending or large quantity orders.
What are your cut tolerances?
+/-0.005” or better! On thicker plate expect some edge taper due to the oxygen cut.
What are “tabs” or “micro-joints”?
“tabs” or “micro-joints” are used to keep your parts in place while cutting. This keeps the part from falling out of the sheet or flipping up causing a collision with the laser head. We try and keep these as small as possible. If you have a specific location you’d like these “tabs” to be placed please let us know in the comment section of your order, or shoot us and email.
What does the cut edge look like, and does it have burrs?
Below are some image examples of unfinished cut edges. Although fiber lasers do leave a very clean cut edge they will still have a burr a lot of times. But the burrs are relatively easy to remove.
Is shipping included?
Yes, Shipping is included in the price of the part(s). Small to medium size orders ship via UPS and large orders ship via LTL freight.
What is your shipping lead times?
This will depend on your location. East coast orders should expect 1-2 days, Midwest 2-3, & west coast 3-4. If expedited shipping is needed, please let us know!
What if my parts are damaged from shipping?
This is unfortunate, but it happens. If your parts are damaged please shoot us an email @ [email protected] with pictures of the damage. We’ll work to replace the damaged parts and get them back to you as soon as possible!
What are your bend tolerances?
+/-0.005” typically. Rule of thumb is +/-0.003” per bend (accumulates per bend). This also is dependent on how accurate the bend calculations are. Bend radius and K-factor plays a big role in bend tolerance. See questions: what you can bend for more details on how you should design your parts for bending.
What are your bending rules?
Die Size (opening) Formed Radius Length of Tooling Available
0.375” 0.060” 36”
0.500” 0.080” 36”
0.625” 0.100” 72”
0.875” 0.140” 72”
1.000” 0.160” 72”
2.000” 0.315” 36”
Max Thickness Max Length
0.250” STEEL 30” (On 2” Die)
0.188” STAINLESS STEEL 36” (On 2” Die)
0.250” ALUMINUM 36” (On 2” Die)
Bending Rule of Thumb: Material Thickness = Bend Radius
Die Tape Used on All Stainless & Aluminum Parts
Please use a K-Factor of 0.44 When Designing Parts (Typically)
What finished do you offer?
By default, orders will have the raw material finish. Certain materials like stainless have options like 2b/mill finish and #4 brushed finish. Please put in the order notes if you’d like a certain finish.

  1. DA/Orbital finish with 80, 100, & 320 grit paper
  2. Linear sanded finish through our belt sander; 80 & 120 belt grits. Part size must be a minimum of 7” long and a maximum of 36” wide.
Do you offer discounts?
We offer quantity discounts based on how many parts are ordered. On certain large orders we can offer deeper discounts then what is shown on the site. If you have a large order and your curious about the price shoot us an email about it.
If I messed up my order can I get a refund?
If your order has not been cut yet we can issue you a refund. Please email us if you need to cancel your order or make a change.
The scale seems to be off on my drawing?
Some DXF files will not read properly in the quoting app. Check to make sure it’s in the proper measurement (mm or inches). If you need help adjusting your part files, please email us and we’ll be happy to help.
The payment page is blank at checkout.
This happens sometimes when the formatting is not correct in your address fields. Check the following:
- ZIP code (make sure it’s 5-digits long)
- State: make sure it’s abbreviated and not written out (NC, not North Carolina)
- Phone number: make sure there’s no “-“ between numbers (example: 9194952902)

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